Each of the yurts stands in its own space, secluded from their neighbours and with simple kitchen facilities in each yurt, they are very self contained. Shared facilities include the Bathroom Yurt, Shower Cabin, Sauna, the Field kitchen for washing up and shared use of the fridge and freezer, and the large Communal Yurt. We are a small site with only a few people here (maximum 10, but usually fewer), at any time. 

"I’ve loved every new part of being here from the few mirrors and light switches to washing up in such a beautiful kitchen(what a view) and reading stories until the candles burnt out, we never looked at a clock. Since slowing down, I’ve got that childish feeling of being excited all the time and not knowing why!” Lucy.

Bluebells outside the solar shower

Facilities - Essentials



The wood burning sauna has a Scandinavian feel to it, but was made here in the Yurtworks workshop.

 It is heated with a small wood burner made by Parp Industries in Devon with two full length benches inside.  The granite rocks are from the hill outside.  Fully insulated, it takes only 30 minutes to heat up to steam temperature.

The shower is opposite for a cold or hot soak afterwards.

The sauna is framed in steam bent larch, and the oudoor cladding is western red cedar from Devon. The interior is panneled in kiln dried aspen.

Scandinavian style sauna

Wood fired bathroom yurt

Bathroom Yurt

 The bathroom yurt has been with us since we started 22 years ago and is still as wonderful now as it was then. The Coromandel Stove made by Parp Industries in Devon heats the water in about 35 minutes, heating the whole interior of the yurt at the same time. The overhead wheel with a view to the trees above, makes this a beautiful and relaxing space to have a soak.

Solar Shower

The solar shower is built in the same style as our sauna (see above). It is glazed on one side so while it is still private there is a great view out onto a hedgerow of moss, ferns and twisted hawthorn branches. Water is heated by the sun or by an immersion heater for days when the sun doesn't shine.


Bell Tent

If you would like to have more space, you can hire one of our Bell Tents assembled nearby. They come with carpet, a single or double futon, small bedside table and blanket. Bedding can be ordered separately or you can bring your own. 


Camp Fires

Sitting around a campfire as the sun goes down  and the stars come out is one of the most wonderful experiences we can have. All our yurts have fire pits nearby and you are welcome to forage for sticks or order extra firewood when you are here.

Hire a single or double bell tent for additional space

Compost toilets for each yurt

Compost Toilets

Each yurt has its own compost toilet nearby, housed in one of our home designed Ig-loos with a big, beautiful wooden seat. 

"We leave totally charmed by our days here with delicious memories to take away. We all love the loo and think it should be called the throne, so beautiful it is.” Lucy.



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Tortoiseshell ButterflySoaking in the bath with tea lights and a bookEgyptian BedlinenOutside the saunaEco firelightersEco friendly toilet paperAll the firewood is sourced from Sunnybank woodlandsSolar panelScandinavian style saunaBell tents are available to rent for extra spaceBathroom Yurt