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Yurtworks is Changing. After 22 years making beautiful handcrafted yurts we are hanging up the tools and turning down the steamer to move on to new and exciting projects.  Consequently we are no longer taking new orders for yurts or covers but will do our best to give support to all our existing customers.

Thank you for your interest in Yurtworks and to all our customers who have supported us over the years.

Please contact us here for more details.

7th March 2019

“Both practical and beautiful, the yurt is a perfect example of a structure that feels permanent and secure while leaving little more than a few scratches on the surface of the earth.”

18ft Yurtworks yurtStyle

Our Kyrgyz style yurts are based on a traditional central Asian design, with a steamed wheel, steamed trellis and the steam bent roof poles which give the yurt its unique domed interior and steep, rounded profile.


Workmanship of the Highest Quality

With 13 years of professional yurt making experience Yurtworks is one of the longest running yurt manufacturers in the country. Throughout this time we have led the way in improving and innovating earlier designsand have always aimed to make yurts to the highest level of craftsmanship.



Coppicing an old ash tree nursery

A Sustainable Approach

Environmental concerns have been the cornerstone of our business . Since 1995 we have been involved in planting trees, coppicing and hedgelaying.
We don’t believe that transporting yurts half way round the world is the way to go. We do believe that using our local woods is a way of improving the usefulness and biodiversity of our woodlands and safeguarding them for the future.


Ash Log fom mid DevonExcellent Local Materials

What we don’t harvest ourselves we source from a local ‘miller who believes as passionately as we do in the importance of supporting our local timber industry.
We have a reputation for being hard to please when looking for our raw materials, but always insisting on the best local materials ensures that the yurt components are strong enough to last a lifetime.



16ft yurt inside a 25ft yurt at Roadford WoodfairSpecifications

Frames are available in a range of sizes from 3m - 10m in diameter.
Wheels available in 40”,50”,60”depending on the size of the yurt. In ash with willow, hazel or ash spokes.
Trellis made from oak, ash or willow.
Roof poles from ash, steam bent and with a unique spear-head tenon.
Door Frames are joinery standard and made from kiln dried oak, strong enough to support a pair of heavy oak doors. We also have developed steam bent arched doorways, joined to a very high standard.

The wood is planed, drawknived, steamed, dried, sanded and first treated with a natural non toxic preservative, before being coated with several coats of natural oils.

Each year we make a few yurts from coppiced ash poles but with so much demand we also use sawn ash for roof poles and trellis. This ash is also locally sourced and brings its own beauty to the frame with the grain clearly visible and giving a stronger symmetry to the domed roof.


There are plenty of choices out there now and if you are uncertain about the different yurt styles and accessories, what would be best for yurt holidays etc., we are happy to give you some help and advice.

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